Cover Letter

This assignment is meant to assess your professional capacity as an entry-level editor and will be performed at the beginning of the semester and again at the end. The genre to be assessed is that of the cover letter, used for job applications.


  • to practice a professional genre you will need to get a job
  • to learn more about what companies are looking for in editors
  • to reflect on your current knowledge of editorial practice and being
  • to state your values and strengths as an editor (and assess your own weaknesses, to target for improvement)

Using a sample job ad such as the ones listed below, write a cover letter applying to one of these positions. Cover letters should be single-spaced, generally on a single page for entry-level positions such as these, and be formatted as a business letter. It should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position. It should also be well-proofread and, thus, be error-free. If you want to choose a job other than those below, you can — but it should be able to highlight your communication and editorial skills as part of the cover letter (for the purposes of this class).

sample job ads


  1. August initial assignment: Submit your cover letter in .docx or .pdf format to the Dropbox/302/cover-letters/ folder with the filename: FIRSTNAME-LASTNAME (all lower case), by the start of class on Tuesday, August 23.
  2. December follow-up assignment: Submit your cover letter in .docx or .pdf format to the Dropbox/302/cover-letters/revised folder with the filename: FirstName-LastName-coverletter by the start of class on Tuesday, November 29.